Name Farm Alliance Matsumoto Farm Co. Ltd
Country Japan

The first GLOBALG.A.P. Option 1 producer to achieve IFA Version 4 in Japan, Matsumoto Farm is certified against the broadest range of crops (seven in total) in the country, cultivated over 50 hectares–the biggest in scale in Japan as a single farming organization operating an integrated farming system from production to shipment. Their farming operations cover start-to-finish stages, from production to packing, including commoditizing primary products by selecting, sorting, and consumer packaging.

The company is also the first to introduce an IT system into farming. Designed and established in 2001, their unique traceability system and their production information disclosure service for consumers in particular have drawn wide public attention and received excellent media reviews. Their unique IT system, which fully complies with GLOBALG.A.P.’s recordkeeping criteria, enables simple and easy input of their daily production records via touch panels. In 2009, Matsumoto Farm launched a service tool that consumers can use as to get all sorts of information about their products, including place of origin, producer name, producer contact address, PPP and fertilizer application history, and other details of the entire production system, as well as specific product, field and farm location information via Google maps. The first to provide this type of service to consumers worldwide, this system has made a measurable impact on their business, helping them gain consumer and retailer confidence and increasing their sales. GLOBALG.A.P. Certification has also had a positive impact on their production environment. It has increased overall worker and staff awareness of farm hazards and food safety and has helped them understand consumers’ concerns. This in turn has increased their motivation to always strive for the safest and best in commercial farm produce quality.

The company has also pledged to increase the number of GLOBALG.A.P.-certified farms in Japan by establishing a new consulting company for farmers in April 2012 to promote the standard. Farm Alliance Management Co., Ltd., is a cloud-computing system service provider that matches GLOBALG.A.P. and offers an integrated management system. Formed together with 10 other farms, the Farm Alliance aims to grow to 2,000 member farms by 2027.


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