Name Misgund Orchards - J Baldie & Sons CC
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Country South Africa


This magnificent South African farm lies in the Western half of the Langkloof Valley that borders on the Formosa Forest Reserve, which get its water from the Tsitsikamma Mountains. Owned by the Baldie Family in the third generation, this deciduous fruit farm is the soul of the village of Misgund. The village of Misgund is 40km west of Joubertina - the heartbeat town of the Langkloof farming community.



Misgund Orchards epitomizes a good balance of agricultural excellence, caring and safe social responsibility (charity begins at home) and sensible environmental management.

The intensive apple and pear orchards are watered by the clear rivers flowing from the northern slopes of the mountains and Misgund Orchards understands and promotes the necessity of balanced water use, striving to ensure both the catchment and riverine environment is kept as natural as possible. Misgund Orchards has led the way in the fight to control exotic invaders that strangle these important aquatic assets, and strives to catalyze synergy amongst local agricultural landowners around sustainable water and environment use. The 2014 environmental audit highlights this testament in detail - you can download the report here.

Charity begins at home is a saying that describes Misgund Orchards dedication and care for all of their employees and families. The contented and motivated staff reflects the success of this policy that has become a trademark of this enterprise, with some families of employees also in the third generation.

“Misgund Orchards understands its context within a biodiversity hotspot of international significance. We promote sustainable developments beyond our core business and borders. This is the essence of what GLOBALG.A.P. stands for and more!”