Name Louterwater Landgoed
GGN 4049928956040 Website
Country South Africa


The beautiful farm of Louterwater Landgoed lies in the well watered 'catchment bowl' on the northern side of the Tsitsikamma Mountains, close to the quaint village of Louterwater. A second generation Muller farm that specialize in apples, pears and honeybush tea.



This relatively small and intensively farmed enterprise is a 'stand out' asset to the Langkloof agricultural region, where one can truly feel and see the careful balance of business and environmental care in practice. As progressive entrepreneurs, this family has diversified into eco/agro tourism with lovely trails and a state-of-the-art, environment-friendly guest village. Furthermore, careful assessment and wise and sustainable use of indigenous biological resources such as Honeybush Tea (Cyclopia intermedia/subternata) greatly contribute to offsetting costs to enable top class environmental management actions on a continuous basis. The new discovery of the very special and ancient fish in the farm streams is testament to the great value and care the water systems are afforded. A healthy environment ensures maximum quality and quantity water supply and ensures natural shock absorbers for flood times is a concept taken to heart by the farm’s management. Please see Environment Audit PDF for detail and clarity.
Louterwater Landgoed has a fine track record around youth empowerment within the poorer communities and holds hands with the local NGO LOWFT in this regard. The core permanently employed personnel are part of a highly motivated and productive staff, with seasonal labor being utilized during harvest time.