Name Leon Mol Company Ahold Delhaize
Country Netherlands
Team Retailer


Director Product Safety & Social Compliance

Leon's Statement

GlobalG.A.P. has developed into a system that has a position to cover farm assurance in big parts of the world. This is a position which serves a milestone for further developments.
At the market side, continuous attention needs to be paid to maximize the reliability of and the trust in the process and the integrity of the product. This should be done effectively by a continuous improvement of the standard and the schemes in such a way that it connects in a practical way to the production and packing practices. Without compromising on the end-goal of farm assurance, flexibility in the system should be further explored to work risk based.
It goes without saying that full transparency in the chain is a basic requirement which needs attention also in the coming years. Transparent information is very much needed to help consumer brands and retailers in their communications. In case that certain (new) risks are playing an important role in the market, GlobalG.A.P. should be able to adapt and act effectively and on a short term.
Cost effectiveness, by an efficient organization and by offering one-stop solutions are essential to create a preferred position at the production side and the market side. Collaborations with other organizations can be beneficial to add value to the members. Developments in the market put a continuous pressure on the GlobalG.A.P. organization to improve, adapt and professionalize.

Professional & Educational Background

MSc and PhD degree in Agronomy from Wageningen University. Extensive experience by 13 years working in the seed potato and ware potato supply chain. Made de step to food retail by working for 4 years on the supply base for fresh fruit & vegetables and flowers & plants at Albert Heijn. Since 2 years being responsible for product safety, social compliance, animal welfare and sustainability of the fresh plant and animal related products at the global level of Ahold and Ahold Delhaize.

Other affiliations relevant to candidacy

-Chair person BSCI working group on Food & Primary production
-Chair person Steering Committee, International Fruit & Vegetables project, Dutch Sustainability Initiative
-Board Member, Floricultural Sustainability Initiative
-Member Board of Directors, Global Round-table Sustainable Beef
-Board member of GlobalG.A.P. from 2013 until present