Name Hacienda Paula Nicole SSC
GGN 4052852391177
Country Ecuador

Farm Profile

Economist Byron Ricardo Paredes Monteros began farming in 1996 when he bought the Finca Virgen del Cisne from the Rumiñahui Bank, which had received it as a payment. On this farm he grew short cycle crops, bananas, and bamboo cane. These lots were then expropriated by the CDG in late 2008 for the construction of the BABA multipurpose project. In 2009, he bought further land in the same area and named it "Hacienda Paula Nicole" in honor of his daughter. On that farm he grew banana crops of the Williams variety, cocoa CCN-51, bamboo cane, fruit trees, and timber trees such as Saman, Guayacan, and Nem. An interesting anecdote states that the first boxes of bananas were harvested and processed on Friday, October 22, 2010: the same day and month his mother Aura Esthela Monteros Molina was born.
At the Hacienda Paula Nicole we know that the ultimate goal of all economic activity is the value of work, which promotes and appreciates the virtues of those who toil. Nature has become aware of its own existence and has manifested itself in the human brain. Therefore, human existence in itself is the thought of nature. This belief has led us to implement good working conditions and organic farming as an integral part of our agricultural activities.

Our Mission:

To deliver the best product, meeting the highest standards of quality, excellence and environmental care.
To satisfy all the requirements of our clients even beyond the demands of the international market.
Social responsibility with all the associated benefits beyond what is legally required for the benefit of those who work with us.

Our achievements: the following certifications:









The Hacienda Paula Nicole, as a civil and commercial entity, welcomes and thanks all those who work together as part of this great team, and whose main objective is to recognize that the most important capital is work.
This is how we create the best conditions for all our people, with the awareness that our products, which are organic and fairly traded, will be offered in the most demanding markets in the world, to be consumed by people who share these principles.
A further main objective of ours is to provide a product with triple-A quality, since we know that the number of consumers demanding it will gradually and steadily increase, until it becomes the common factor of modern society in the future.
We place great trust in all our employees, because we believe in them. We are all in the same team, and we are sure that our rules and regulations will be fully complied with.
"Come as you are, stay as long as you can. We're all family here, and that's how our story begins.”