Name Corporación de Producción y comercialización "Unión Carchense" (Producer Group) with FLP Latinoamerican del Ecuador
Country Ecuador


Producer group application together with Frutierrez Latin American Perishables (FLP Inc.). This is a joint application by the company FLP Latinoamerican of Ecuador and the production and trade corporation Unión Carchense. Both companies initiated a joint effort to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. Certification in Ecuador and have been working together ever since.

Along with FLP Latinoamerican, Unión Carchense is the first producer group to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. Certification in Ecuador. The farms are small-scale with a maximum area of 10 hectares. All these farms have appropriate infrastructure for the area and comply with GLOBALG.A.P. Standards. They have plant protection product stores and bathrooms close to the post-harvest area. They do not use a large amount of chemical products during production. Potable water is not available for their processes, but each partner adds chlorine to the water they use, to the extent that it is routine for them. Currently they don’t do any final packing, but they are aiming to do so in the near future and are willing to make the necessary efforts and changes to the farms to achieve this goal.


In the seven years of certification, Unión Carchense’s achievements have included:

Being the first Producer Group to achieve GLOBALG.A.P. Certification in Ecuador and the only producer group in Ecuador with GLOBALG.A.P. Option 2 Certification.

Successfully managing to change worker attitudes and thereby improving production.

Abandoning the use unsafe PPP application practices for the use of protection equipment.

Introducing first aid training to assist in any situation that may come up, not only during work but at home as well.

Successfully adapting the standard (that seemed impossible to comply with) to Ecuadorian conditions, and thereby becoming an example to other companies.

Working closely together with FLP, who pays for the producer group’s GLOBALG.A.P. expenses, and who in turn pay FLP back with safe, quality fruit.

“It is a family-effort, all following a model of cleanliness, and of protection of the environment. We know people on the other side of the world will eat the fruit we produce and, thanks to GLOBALG.A.P., we can produce it under conditions similar to those that these consumers expect. That’s why our fruit is safe to eat.”

The small areas for the post-harvest process and the PPP stores were implemented according to a basic model that applied to all the partners, but the various initiatives and possibilities allowed for this model to be improved individually.

The process of teaching people to keep records was not easy. Some of them could not read or write, which made the task even more difficult. But in the end the farmers learned how to apply the record-keeping requirements, also with the support of their children who go to school.

Changing attitudes was a gradual process. With each passing day of fruit processing, producers took more and more responsibility to produce their fruit in a safer and more environmentally friendly manner. They also request that others comply with the same standards, and ask visitors and external technical workers to respect the regulations of the farm processes. 

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