Name Bio Foods (Pvt) Ltd
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Country Sri Lanka


Bio Foods (private) Limited (BFL), established in 1993, is a certified organic and fair-trade company processing and exporting organic products such as green teas, black teas, spices, herbs, rice varieties, fruits, vegetables, coconut based and frozen herbal products.

We started with the vision to cultivate food that would not harm the body, the earth, or the farmers that cultivated them in the long run. Our processing facilities/producer groups have been certified for various organic and bio-dynamic international standards, such as EU Organic, USDA/NOP, JAS, Naturland, GLOBALG.A.P., and Demeter, and Social & Business Compliance standards, such as Fairtrade, BSCI, UTZ, Kosher, ESR to ensure the long term sustainability.

As an organic and fair-trade ethically minded company, we have a major concern on how the resources of the earth are consumed. As discussed above, we rigorously follow soil, water, air conservation practices, so that our soil is still harvestable for future generations. We ensure the environmental sustainability by implementing and promoting chemical-free farming systems among farming societies. When we promote the organic and bio-dynamic farming systems, we always refer back to our traditional farming system, which is environmentally friendly and culturally rich, as major concepts of organic and bio-dynamic agriculture practices are developed based on our traditional farming system.

Our trading system ensures that all our producers receive a fair price for their products despite the fluctuating markets. This provides farmers with more security than those in the conventional, non-fairtrade agricultural systems. The premiums they receive ensure a better standard of living by sustaining their economic and social level in their communities. This encourages farming as a profession, which ensures that this dying but vital trade can continue to the future (i.e., is socially sustainable). As part of honoring the farming tradition, no matter where we go, we ensure that the cultural practices of the farmers are respected. This promotes the sustainability of their cultural practices.



The organic industry is a roughly 30-year-old business, out of which BFL have been in the field for 25 years. We were a sustainable business model before this model became popular. This is why in 2014, our founder was awarded the title of “the Fairest Fairtrader of the World” by the Fairtrade governing body itself, and our main farmer group MOPA was awarded “The Best Small Farmer Group in Asia, 2014” by the same body. We have always provided leadership to all that endeavor to practice sustainable living, and will continue to do so.

Bio Foods (Pvt) Ltd was the first company to export G.A.P. certified herbs sourced from G.A.P. certified agriculture producers attached to the Bio Foods conventional project Farmer Group. The Quality Management system is geared at providing support and also safeguarding the G.A.P. integrity of the producers. To ensure the strict compliance of all smallholder members to G.A.P. production principles and practices, the group have entrenched the essence of G.A.P. agriculture principles and practices in the internal G.A.P. standard. Not only that, women participation in the farmer organization is higher and they are in decision-making positions!