Name Desarrollo Agrario S.A.
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Country Chile


Desarrollo Agrario S.A.  is an agricultural production unit of 1,800 hectares  (6,95 sq miles), of which 600 hectares are currently being used for fruit production, as detailed below: 260 hectares for table grapes, 240 hectares for avocados, and 100 hectares for tangerines.



In the past four years we have significantly increased our investments:  we have annexed a 15,000 sq mt facility to our grape packing plant,  with state-of-the-art machinery with 10 lines from New Zealand for the packing of round fruit, as well as a cold-storage plant with a cooling and storage capacity of 5,000 pallets of grapes, both with their respective methyl bromide, sulphurous anhydride, and phosphine fumigation chambers, with modern and highly operational equipment, as well as 4 storage rooms for materials with a usable area of 2,300 sq mt.
Regarding our annual production capacity, we detail below the following figures seeking to provide feedback with real numbers in a year that was considered normal in regards to climate: Grapes: 5,500,000 kgs./ Avocados: 4,000,000 kgs./ Tangerines :2,500,000 Kgs.

This  was communicated in Chile through specialized media as the Farm of the Year, in the area of production and quality.  This contest was organized by ANASAC and published in El Mercurio, the most important newspaper in Chile.

Handling of Water/Irrigation: When we bought the plot, this large surface of land was flooded with rainwater which flowed from east to west in a disorderly fashion. These waters were directed through a main channel that was completely covered by rocks taken from the plot, and these rocks were also used to build the lateral walls and overflow blocks controlling the speed of the water, thus avoiding soil erosion. We also worked on the lateral channels guiding the water to the main channel.
We use computer technology for irrigation in the 600 hectares of productive land.  This allows us to program the irrigation, manage the levels of water in the wells, program the pumps, record the flowmeter readings, and set the timing for irrigation per sector, among others. This software also allows us to identify through charts any issue in regard to seepage, run-off, or breakage of any matrix, being able to operate the system via satellite through a personal computer or mobile phone.  And to optimize even more the use of water, we have a probe system at the various plantations to check the humidity, availability and depth of water.
Environment: 1,200 hectares of our land are of environmental interest.  This area has large hills, ravines, springs, and in general these areas are not intervened with during the plantation period. The existing flora in these areas include arboreal species such as: pepper trees (Shinus Molle), "Espino" (Acacia Caven), "Quillay" or soap bark tree (Quillaja saponaria), "Guayacán" (Porlieria chilensis), and "Litre" (Lithraea caustica).  It should be pointed out that the Quillay trees can be found in great numbers throughout the lot, including the sectors planted with fruit species.
The perimeter of the land is surrounded mainly by roses, which are watered, trimmed and handled as a living hedge. There is also abundant animal and bird-life such as: quails, partridges, hawks, mocking birds, thrush, tiuque eagles, southern lapwings, long-tailed meadowlarks, doves, common kestrels, snakes, foxes, rabbits, hares, and various insect and spider species. These wildlife populations cohabit in harmony and do not grow to the point of having an adverse effect on the eco-system. In the farm it is forbidden to hunt animals and to fell trees.  This measure is of public knowledge and it is exhibited in signs and enforced by the security personnel who control the compliance of this standard.

The social responsibility department of Desarrollo Agrario S.A., seeking to provide value for the personnel, is building a canteen for the 500 workers who in average work there throughout the year.  This canteen follows top quality standards, and shall be in operation in the near future.
Whole families that are in condition to work do so at our company.  We do not discriminate any potential groups such as:  women in fertile age, senior citizens, foreigners, disabled persons or any other condition. We are constantly in contact with the surrounding community, helping local institutions such as:  the fire department, the rural school and the neighbourhood councils.
Desarrollo Agrario S.A. has maintained for the past 22 years a contract with a transportation company to transport its workers from their homes to the company and back.  Internal transportation should also be taken into account.
In order to have a standard of measure at country level, the company underwent for the second time the social responsibility audit FOR LIFE and was approved with the highest points.
Finally, the company strives each day to improve even more its social responsibility management, continuously supporting its employees with various monetary incentives for special circumstances and for the care of their families.