Name Big Land Company SRL
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Country Romania


Ferma Stoian, first started as a family business, was founded in 1992 by the Stoian family and began its activity on an area of 7 hectares of cabbage crop. At that time they used rented machines and the workers consisted of family members and two employees. In 1995, thanks to the superior quality of the harvest, the area cultivated expanded to 40-50 hectares. Ferma Stoian, which had already acquired two tractors, began to expand its base of tools, so that today it has more than 25 tractors. In 1999, Ferma Stoian cultivated an area of 150 hectares, in 2005 that went up to 400 hectares, and in 2010 the cultivated area reached 470 hectares of Romanian vegetables. Last year, Ferma Stoian cultivated vegetables on a surface of about 550 hectares. Today the farm owns 350 hectares and another 350 hectares are leased or rented.

To further expand the business and better respond to market demands, Big Land Company SRL was founded in 2002 to take over and manage the farm. The main advantage was the acquisition of new technology and equipment from abroad.

In 2005 the company used its own funds to build the first cold storage. In 2007, the company gained access to EU funding for the first time and, with the SAPARD project, used it to purchase of tractors and related tools.

In 2008 the company accessed the second European funds project for the construction of the second refrigeration hall to deposit as well as to acquire forklifts. In 2008 it created the brands "Bigland" and "Ferma Stoian – Legume romanesti" (Romanian vegetables ) and started a long-term collaboration with Carrefour Romania. To maintain this collaboration and certify that it grows quality crops, the company implemented and achieved Quality Management ISO 9001 and GLOBALG.A.P. Certification. In early 2010, due to high production, the company built another storage specially designed to deposit onion with controlled humidity and ventilation. In the same year, Big Land started a collaboration with Carrefour Quality Line regarding Carrefour Quality Carrots, products grown according to international standards and Carrefour's guidelines.

In 2011, Big Land Land Company and other local farmers founded the group of producers named Stoian Land, a form of organization that facilitates the development and growth of quality products and services. In 2012, due to a profitable collaboration with Carrefour Romania, they started the procedure for a new product: Carrefour Quality Onion.

75 percent of the farm products go to well-known retailers, free market and small businesses, and 25 percent to various wholesale merchants who provide vegetables to small stores. Ferma Stoian provides vegetables to Carrefour Romania SA, and has direct contracts with Cora and Auchan. Today, Ferma Stoian is one of the biggest vegetables producers in Romania and the most representative product from its crops is the carrot.



The entire activity of the farm is managed according to ISO quality management principles and GLOBALG.A.P. guidelines. Some of the achievements include:

The SAPARD project and also the other EU funded projects include the development of a pumping station with 20 water pumps that supply water to an innovative irrigation system. The pumps can be remote controlled and programmed to start and stop the supply. Also, two types of irrigation are used: one with fine sprinklers for radcine crops, potatoes and cabbage, and one with dripping tubes for onion. EU funding also facilitated the acquisition of a conditioning line for washing, sorting and packing the vegetables, which uses a system that filters and recirculates water in order to reduce water use. The water supply comes from the main pipeline, which supplies the city with potable water. The water is periodically analyzed.

The soil management plan includes soil analysis for a proper application of fertilizers.

The application of all pest-control products is strictly monitored and well planned by a specialized engineer who constantly checks the condition of the crop.

Waste management is also important for us, which is why we have a waste management plan that we improve every year based on the results of the previous year.

Regarding all workers, Ferma Stoian privdes free accommodation for some of the permanent employees, everyday transportation for all the others, and 3 meals per day. All the workers have equipment in compliance with their job requirements.

Regarding the role and involvement of women and youth, the farm has workers aged between 18 and 65 years old, and half of them are women.

One of the achievements regarding the community is the constant support (food and other needs) of the junior weightlifting team, a team of children from 4 to 15 years old who have achieved great performance and have won many international weightlifting contests.