Name Richard Schouten Company Fresh Produce Centre/Groentenfruit Huis
Country The Netherlands
Team Supplier/ Crops



Richard's Statement

For many years I am involved in GLOBALG.A.P. First as member of the National Technical Working Group as a representative from LTO (the Dutch Federation of Agricultural and Horticulture), now as director of FPC and DPA. For me GLOBALG.A.P. is the basic system for sustainable production which has to be developed further. My aim is that GLOBALG.A.P. develops itself as the system which is used world wide in primary production and is accepted by the retailers. Further it is important for me that sustainability is integrated in GLOBALG.A.P.
I also choose for GLOBALG.A.P. to be a practical, accessible and affordable system.

Professional & Educational Background

Professional background:
- Marketing associate for Hoechst Holland NV
- Product Group Manager for Denka International BV
- Managing Director CBH BV
- Business Development manager F&V for Boers-Univeg Beheer
- Director PlusCo for The Greenery
- Manager Business & Development for Bloemenveiling Oost Nederland
- Managing Director for Vers Direct Nederland
- Manager interest representation vegetal sectors for LTO (the Dutch Federation Agriculture and Horticulture)

Educational background:
- Higher Agricultural School
Major Agricultural Business Administration
- Several educational programmes in: Management, P&O, Sales, Marketing, Project management.

Other affiliations relevant to candidacy

Director of Fresh Produce Centre (FPC)
Board member Foundation Platform Fresh Chain Information
Board member of Fair Produce
Member of Presidium of COPA-COGECA