Name Agribusiness and Farming Solutions
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Country India


Agribusiness and Farming Solutions is the Agri Service Division of Deepak fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.

Our Vision: To be the most trusted agri-Business enterprise serving holistic farming needs through the protection of the environment and application of contemporary technology to enhance the quality of rural life & wealth creation for our stakeholders. We will achieve through our pioneering efforts in providing complete plant nutrition solutions to farmers including cost effective solutions, pre & post harvest dissemination of materials and services for wholesome plant nutrition, thereby making the Indian farmer globally competitive.

Our Mission: To establish ourselves as one of the most dependable and trusted partner in quality farming. To provide the best products, services and practices at par with global standards and the best price, and convenience of our partners. By creating an efficient and transparent supply chain, optimal utilization of world-class infrastructure and international partnership, thus creating more value for our customers, partners and stakeholders.

Our Profile:

1)     Work with farmer groups for yield, quality improvement and produce marketing.

2)     A research based approach for agronomic services and produce handling.

3)     Well-equipped agri-laboratory (ISO 17025 accreditation) for soil, water, plant (petiole) and fertilizer analysis.

4)     Supply of manufactured and traded agri-inputs to farmers.

5)     Complete agronomic advisory services.

6)     Strict implementation of GLOBALG.A.P. Standards at all our growers’ farms for safe and quality produce without affecting any components of the environment.

Our strengths:

1)     In-house availability of all necessary expertise required for crop production and produce marketing.

2)     Certified packhouses with necessary certifications.

3)     Systematic monitoring of consignments in the supply chain.

4)     Understanding and responding to divergent market demands.

Our Certifications:

1)     ISO 9001-2008 certified division for agronomic services, produce handling and marketing.

2)     GLOBALG.A.P. certified for association with large farmer groups for each product.

3)     Certified packhouses for produce handling.

4)     A well equipped Agri-laboratory (ISO 17025)

5)     FSSAI – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India License / Certificate

6)     DeepakGAP certification for local market.



Quality assurance is the fundamental principle of the company’s daily operation. Our export growers (farmer groups) obligations for excellence uphold the management’s compelling responsibility & cooperation to implement quality procedures. All agricultural produce meets with quality standards in compliance with international and domestic regulations. The compliance of standards for quality is ensured through periodical audits by third-party bodies and reports, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

We provide training to all field staff and growers on all aspects of integrated nutrient management, Integrated Pest Management, water management, water saving irrigation techniques, soil and water conservation techniques, care during hazardous pesticide handling and spraying. We provide every grower with PPP safety dress, First Aid kit, GLOBALG.A.P. Record Book, and GLOBALG.A.P. farm signboards and flex for unique identification.

We deliver safe and hygienic quality produce, free from microbial, chemical, and physical contaminants. We provide staff with proper working conditions and equal opportunities. We have one-to-one honest connections, reliable and co-operative relationships with every member grower whose yield is entrusted to the company.

We focus on water conservation techniques at all growers farm by creating water-harvesting ponds, and using soil and water conservation cultivation techniques such as drip irrigation and sprinklers. Every drop of water is utilized efficiently at the farm. Scientific methods of irrigations developed by National Research centers for grapes & pomegranates are followed at every farm for efficient use of every drop of water used. This saves irrigation up to 80 percent and results in better quality production as well as minimizes the incidence of pests and diseases, which ultimately reduces the cost of pesticides.
Our GLOBALG.A.P. growers are more happy. We have helped make them globally competitive.

Positive findings by the CB during the audit: Our GLOBALG.A.P. farms are maintained as a model farm worth emulating by new aspirants of GLOBALG.A.P. farmers.

I personally am happier by implementing the GLOBALG.A.P. standards for production of safe and quality produce and giving assurance to our all customers about safety and quality.