Name Zhiqiang (David) Zhang Company Buyers Council
Country China
Team Retailer

I am taking part of the board member election for an honorable opportunity of contributing to make the Preferred Solution for Farm Assurance Worldwide together with you.

a) We shall not be satisfied as a worldwide organization while we are not well recognized in China. We cannot be complacent while most Chinese producers have not adopted our way of farm assurance yet.
b) China is a challenging marketplace due to the tremendous differences in cultural, social and political aspects.
c) The world will be more and more integrated with every part of it, including China.

We need a strong and committed representative from China on the board. I am willing to be your choice.

a) I have obtained precious international experiences of education and career development that started from Nyenrode University, a prominent Dutch business school some 18 years ago. I have traveled to nearly forty nations for business in food retailing.
b) I have developed in-depth knowledge of food retail and built up enormous network with people and organizations of influence in the industry in my 17 years of career.
c) The phenomenal success of SPAR in China is a proven record of my vision and capability of making an international brand prevail in China.

Position: Managing Director

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