Name Tankay (produtankay cia ltd)
Country Ecuador


“We are Tankay. We are Physalis. We are Ecuador. And we love Life!”

Tankay, the company’s name, is taken from Quechua, the language of the indigenous people of the Andes, and it means “to lend a shoulder”. And that’s precisely what the company does.

Created by Caritas Ecuador, Tankay is a social enterprise with the goal of promoting the welfare of Ecuadorian growers through supporting the development and commercialization of their products that are in high demand in the international markets.

Located nearby the Cotopaxi volcano, one of the largest and most active volcanoes in the world, Tankay grows Physalis as its main crop on 36 hectares of its Puichig plantation. Due to its mineral water springs emanating from the black volcanic earth and its altitude (2,890 meters above sea level), this fertile land provides an excellent eco system, making it possible to produce a superior product, and at the same time improve everyone’s welfare. The Puichig farm also holds an agricultural technical college that educates young people who are supporting the development of the agricultural valley of Machachi, one of the most beautiful areas in Ecuador.

Tankay is the first company to be certified for large-scale Physalis production and processing and has obtained GLOBALG.A.P. Certification for three consecutive years. Currently the company exports to France, Holland, Spain, Germany and Canada. Tankay constantly strives to we are always in a process of technological innovation that respects, especially the environment and human beings. This year we began to develop new products, all according to G.A.P.


The difference between Tankay and a regular commercial agricultural business is that the company’s main goal is not to maximize profits but to maximize the social impact of its technical and commercial activities. The company actively works with small farming peasants in Ecuador to help them produce high quality fruits and products with strong demand in foreign markets. The goal is to ensure that these farmers earn a fair income from the sale of their products and thereby improve their living conditions. Tankay specifically works toward supporting the wellbeing of the group of highly trained women that mainly work at the plantation, and is eager to develop the first social enterprise in Ecuador focused on both export and quality control.

The story of Tankay is one of passion and commitment, a story of empowerment to the women who work there, a story of respect for both people and place, for worker welfare and wellbeing and environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Unlike the approach taken by NGOs to mainly invest in supporting the production process of a particular product without paying adequate attention to its marketing possibilities, Tankay’s primary focus is to develop, produce and market highly demanded products, encouraging Ecuadorian peasants to produce them within the quality and food safety standards required by international consumers.

Any profit resulting from the company’s technical and commercial activities is used for social investments in both supporting the local areas where the profits were originally generated, and developing projects needed in different areas of Ecuador.

Tankay also actively invests in improving the technological innovation of its processes and procedures to ensure the good quality of its physalis is maintained.

“We are a social company that prioritizes human beings and respect for the environment. Grown by our highly trained women, our Physalis is produced according to the high standards set by GLOBALG.A.P. for food safety and social responsibility. We grow our Physalis with a great sense of pride, passion and joy and we are always looking to produce the best quality. And we are happy to share our story with you.”

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