Name Agroindustrial Tres Amigos S.A.
Country Costa Rica


The agro-industrial farm Tres Amigos S.A. grows pineapples and is located close to the town Piedra Alegre, Pital, in the canton of San Carlos, Province of Alajuela.
The company exports type M2 pineapples and the farm has 350 hectares of planted M2 pineapples, grown with the highest standards of quality in the area of Pital of San Carlos, Costa Rica. The country enjoys ideal humid tropical weather to grow this kind of product.


Tres Amigos S.A. has a comprehensive management system in place, based on the Tesco and GLOBALG.A.P. Standards. The system not only allows the producer to comply with the necessary requirements, but also encourages the company to seek continuous improvement in the preparation of soils, planting, integrated pest management (IPM), PPP applications, forcing (induction of flowering), pre-maturing, harvest, and transport of fruit.

By requesting the Environmental Feasibility EDA6700-2011 SETENA recognition last year, the company both made a considerable investment and complied with environmental policies, which required numerous environmental reports done by professionals with regard to the cultivation process.

In recent years the company has reduced the number of applications of chemical insecticides, and has increased biological pest control. It has also taken improvement measures regarding soil preparation, drainage, and erosion control.

“We are a company deeply committed to nature and the production of quality pineapples for our clients and for the consumers.”

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