Name VBT Responsibly Fresh
Country Belgium

The Association of Belgian Horticultural Auctions, commonly known as VBT, is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of marketing cooperatives in the fruit and vegetable sector.

In early 2012, VBT launched Responsibly Fresh – a collective sustainability label. Responsibly Fresh makes a clear link to G.A.P. and GLOBALG.A.P., but it also goes beyond typical agricultural practices and focuses on sustainable development – including people, planet and profit.
The sustainability label Responsibly Fresh symbolizes the commitment by producers and their cooperatives to advance their sustainability practices and make progress in terms of well being, prosperity and the environment. They do this by striving to achieve economically responsible cultivation and marketing of quality products (profit), with optimal input of production resources and limits on unwanted side effects (planet) and with respect for social aspects and human health (people). Producers and producer cooperatives opt for low impact, biodiversity, proximity and food thrift. The sustainable commitment of Responsibly Fresh contributes to a wide assortment of fruit and vegetables that are reliable, of good quality and healthy for consumers today and tomorrow.


"Winning this first G.A.P. Award means that VBT and the affiliated cooperatives made the right choice with Responsibly Fresh. It can serve as a stimulus for the seven auctions and all their producers to put their commitment to sustainable development further in practice on a daily basis."

 Philippe Appeltans, VBT General Secretary.


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