Name Stanfilco, Division of Dole Philippines Inc.
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Country Philippines


In 1966, Dole Philippines pioneered the country's banana industry with the establishment of Stanfilco.

Stanfilco started exporting giant Cavendish bananas in 1968, setting a record as the Philippines' first banana exporter. General Santos was chosen as the first site of the Philippine banana project. Banana seeds from Honduras and Costa Rica arrived in General Santos on September 2, 1966. In 1967, the germinated seeds were distributed to the farmers for commercial planting. On November 2, 1968, Stanfilco’s maiden shipment was made. Stanfilco now covers vast hectares of banana plantations and exports several million boxes of bananas annually to its markets in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand and the Middle East, as well as other emerging markets.

In the Philippines, Stanfilco pioneered the effective implementation of the Independent Growers Program, a unique farming concept that allows local farmers to grow bananas for Stanfilco while retaining full control of their land and operations. Over the years, thousands of growers and thousands of associates and contractors have partnered with Stanfilco both directly and indirectly.

Stanfilco also proudly counts itself as one of the few companies that pioneered the introduction and implementation of Total Quality Management or TQM in the agro-industrial sector of the Philippines. Having helped bring Dole bananas to dominance in the Philippines and the markets abroad, Stanfilco looks forward to spending many more years in the apex of the banana industry through continued improvement and quality.


Dole Phils., Inc. (Stanfilco) believes that in order to perpetuate sustainability, it is of the utmost importance to treat our people, resources, environment and community as our most precious assets. Business can be an important actor and agent for change through creating products and services that society values, establishing primary jobs and efficiently using resources.

As a company dedicated to making the world a better place to live both today and in the future, Dole’s mission is to:

  • Provide the world with healthy and nutritious foods
  • Offer employees competitive wages, ample benefits and a safe work environment
  • Honor our employees’ rights
  • Enhance and empower our communities to advance and prosper
  • Protect our natural resources and actively seek ways to reduce our environmental impact

Workers’ Health, Welfare and Safety

Stanfilco is committed to treating its employees with openness, candor and respect. In each country where the company has operations, it complies strictly with applicable labor codes and requires that its management team reviews working conditions on a regular basis to ensure that compliance is maintained. Dole also works in collaboration with the representatives elected by its workers, practices a non-discriminatory policy, as per the principles developed in the International Labor Organization’s Conventions, and is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Working conditions in the company’s facilities are designed to protect the health and well being of all employees. Workers receive extensive training on safely applying crop protection products and are required to use the appropriate protective clothing during all of their activities.

Management, and Leadership
Stanfilco having a multi-cultured leadership, and employees promote non-discrimination and equal opportunity. It is one of the companies in the Philippines that promote gender-equity by having and encouraging female members of the management team. Promotion in rank is solely based on competence and performance. About half of both farm supervisors and workers are female. Expectant mothers are given due considerations and risk-based responsibilities. Women are given several months of maternity leave depending on nature of giving birth. Male employees are given at least a week's paternity leave to assist in taking care of the wife and the baby.

Beyond Compliance
As a company dedicated to offering consumers the highest quality products, Dole follows rigorous production processes and management systems in critical areas, such as Good Agricultural Practices, environmental protection, occupational safety and labor conditions. Not only does Dole maintain constant compliance with all applicable laws, but it has also taken extra measures to receive external certifications with the most stringent international requirements in those areas.

A List of Certifications

  • ISO 9001, Quality of processes, and products
  • ISO 14001, Quality of the environment
  • SA 8000, Quality of life of employees and partners/providers
  • 1st in the world in the industry to acquire triple certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and SA 8000
  • ISO 22000, Food Safety (1st in the Philippines for the industry)
  • GLOBALG.A.P. Certification implementing food safety on the farm (since EurepGAP), 1st in the Philippines for ALL products: banana, pineapple, corn, high value vegetables, papaya, mango, coconut)
  • Rainforest Alliance, sustainability and Ecosystem
  • OHSAS-18001 aligned, Health & Safety
  • Fair Trade aligned, value-adding the products
  • Organics, capabilities
  • Low-chemical, and Nature farming
  • SOX, and financial international standards consistent compliance
  • Consistent compliance to customer/retailer-audits (e.g. AEON, JCCU, Coop., Tesco, McDonalds, etc.)

A Selection of Awards & Recognition by the Government

  • Dept. of Labor and employment: citations of compliance to best practices to labor laws, and working conditions
  • No labor unrest, and peaceful union negotiations on freedom of association & CBA
  • Dept. of Health, and Nutrition council: Breast feeding stations in the facilities
  • Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources: Recognition on adopting rivers and creeks, and tree growing activities; participated in the Guinness world records for most trees simultaneously planted
  • Dept. of Agriculture: citations on re-use of waste-water for irrigation, and collection of rain-water
  • BIR/Bu. of Internal revenue: Consistent, prompt and top taxpayer of the localities

A Selection of Awards & Citations by NGOs and Other Stakeholders

  • Partner with Kasilak Development Foundation on many community projects
  • AmCham recognitions on Business Practices
  • WWF recognition on environment-friendly practices, and waste-plastic re-use
  • Adopt a school program
  • Nutrition-feeding programs
  • Capacity building of farmers for marketing and entrepreneurship
  • Indigenous peoples support on non-discrimination and awareness
  • ALS/Alternative Learning System for the out of school youth
  • Scholarship programs
  • English language learning programs
  • Provision of potable water in the communities
  • Tree-growing partnership with the communities

The general principle of the company is "For the Common Good" adopted from the parent company.
The underlying principles include the 3Ps–People-Profit-Planet.

It is humbling to have this opportunity to share some of Stanfilco’s programs in some details, and about the company as a whole. In essence Stanfilco shares GLOBALG.A.P.’s vision of sustainability, transparency, traceability, and food safety.