Name Grupo Agrícola Cuadra S.P.R. de R.L. de C.V
GGN 4052852580496
Country Mexico


My father Mr. Luis Cuadra Hernández was born in this region that is now our ranch located in a marginal rural area with high poverty level. As a child, my father emigrated to the city of Uruapan near to the ranch. In this city he overcame poverty through hard work and perseverance doing various activities. Remembering and missing their old home where he lived in harmony with the environment and wild fauna, now protected wild species, and growing agricultural crops and avocados, Mr. Cuadra returned to work the land he grew up on, and with hard effort purchased the ranch on the same land he had worked and spent time planting corn in during hid happy childhood.

 In 1962, my father planted the first avocado trees in the zone with love and affection, and gave work to poor people in this area, producing much better family life, much better quality life and much better healthy life that is also respectful of the environment and wildlife. With this foundation of love that my father began, I have kept his philosophy and I love his avocados, which now they are 54 years old. Now as an adult, I have taken on my father’s best gift and run it with the same philosophy from generation to generation, now three generations have worked this land. This avocado orchard and our people and GLOBALG.A.P. are now part of this heritage.

Technologically, we have improved our culture of growing, carried out with respect to the the environment with organic management and our people with good agricultural and social practices like GLOBALG.A.P. and GRASP, among other national legal certifications such as the risk reduction systems of the contamination scheme of the Federal Government recognized by ISO 9001. All that has helped us with making these regulations and improvements part of this great family history.

When people talk about GRUPO AGRICOLA CUADRA, is not just an avocado orchard, it is also part of our regional history and we are proud of our humble origins. Our ranch is now emblematic of the avocado area as it is one of the first avocado orchards in the region with a record production with low environmental impact. Likewise, we have extended our property to other areas of more recent plantings, thereby spreading the Mr. Cuadra Philosophy and GLOBALG.A.P.  System of Good Agriculture Practices.


Our greatest achievement has been to bring to our area the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices and thus the environmental, social and economic welfare for all who have observed that the adoption of these practices is a reality eminent, and benefits our region’s social welfare, environment and economy. We consider it important to participate and win the award in order to let the world know that “GRUPO AGROCOLA CUADRA is GLOBALG.A.P. certified Mexican avocados and that GLOBALG.A.P. means safety for the world. Michoacan Mexican avocados are the most exemplary avocado producers in the world, that GLOBALG.A.P. is the world’s leading food safety scheme, and this results in the perfect combination”. The potential for the avocado industry in Mexico is 120,000 hectares divided into different zones of our State and all the avocado plots will be certified by the sector producer and packer agreement for a scheme recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) between 2016 and 2017 year. We never hesitated to choose GLOBALG.A.P. as the best option for us. Through it we will attract more producers in our region to adopt GLOBALG.A.P.  as a culture of inclusive practices that provides facilities to producers to grow. Also through GLOBALG.A.P. we can participate first hand in spreading food safety around the world and especially to our entire avocado sector as part of the feedback if we win the award.