Name TANKAY (produtankay cia ltd)
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Country Ecuador


TANKAY, the company’s name, is a Quechua word (native language of the indigenous people of the Andes) that means "help". One of the main values of our company is to look after the welfare of Ecuador’s agricultural producers through Andean fruit production and export.

Our farm, Puichig, is located 50 km south of the city of Quito, near the world's largest active volcano (Cotopaxi 5,897 meters above sea level). It’s surrounded by an equatorial climate, volcanic soils with high organic matter, and abundant natural sources of clear water from the Andes Mountains. At Puichig we are dedicated to the production of more than 40 hectares of Physalis (Cape gooseberry) and other Andean fruits. Our production allows us to offer fruit 52 weeks of the year. This helps us maintain the social stability of our employees, who are mostly indigenous women from the areas of the Ecuadorian Andes.

We take special care for the preservation of the environment. The production areas are protected by using native Andean species as living fences, the habitat of many species of birds and mammals that live between two nature reserves near our farm: Cotopaxi National Park and Pasochoa Wildlife Refuge.

Three rivers originate in Puichig, their water coming from the melting of Cotopaxi. They provide drinking and irrigation water to many towns in the province of Pichincha. Our commitment to preserving the water is essential. We take care and protect riverbeds by using native plants and preventing any contact by our employees with this precious resource.

Our mission is to offer products of the highest quality, cultivated with love and passion. For 4 consecutive years we have been certified against GLOBALG.A.P. We have also created an implementation system in the different areas of social responsibility, the environment, and product traceability that enable us to develop and produce our fruits with a principle of precision agriculture and one of the highest standards in the production of Andean fruits.


We believe in sustainable development that has 4 pillars: Production / Human Being / Environment / Quality.

Production: We aim to increase the productivity of our plants through the implementation of technology and the constant development of our production processes. We have achieved GLOBALG.A.P. Certification for 4 consecutive years and developed excellent processes of traceability for our fruit, allowing us to offer the world a safe product with a high production process.

Human being: We believe that the core of all our activities is the human being, our internal and external partners who are essential in the development of the company, and in general in the welfare that we seek, because "charity begins at home." We have a constant training process for our staff. This detail in quality is thanks to the focus of our women staff members, who make up 85% of our workforce. These women put passion and love in their work and this results in the high quality. Due to their role in society as mothers, heads of households, and family supporters, many of their stories are exemplary. At TANKAY we support and promote the growth of these strong fighter women.

Environment: One of the biggest advantages of our company is water. We have it in abundance because we are the first zone that receives water from the melting of the Cotopaxi volcano and the whole area of influence of the northwestern moor. Three rivers originate from water springs from our farm, which are used for human and agricultural consumption by thousands of farm families in the Ecuadorian Andes. TANKAY always seeks to protect riverbeds and their native wildlife and prohibits any action of fishing or hunting animals in places around the aquifer coverage. We have an inventory of birds, insects and mammals that we have been monitoring, that feed production and live in conservation areas. We are aware of our interaction with these species, so we planted 5% of our plants for feeding the wildlife that enriches the ecosystem of our production area.

Quality: We are Ecuador, a small country where quality makes a difference. We have the advantage of having the best climate in the world, with water from clear springs, soils of volcanic origin, and hardworking people. All these make the perfect match with technology, safety and traceability to ensure that we offer a quality product that highly distinguishes our Andean fruit.