Name Terezinha A. Silva de Almeida
GGN 4052852742580 Website
Country Brazil


Terezinha was the owner of the first farm to implement the Global GAP standard in the Cooperative Agroindustrial Lar in broilers production. She was since the beginning really opened to the new ideas and rigorous control. She sold the farm with the house number 631 and 632. She bought another farm with the house number 1 and 49 of the cooperative, and she quickly asked to be a Global GAP farmer again. The house number one is with her name and the house number 49 is with her husband name, Silas Rodrigues de Almeida. Terezinha said that she could not work without the controls and organization. The first person to implemment Global GAP in the Cooperative Lar now is the house number one in broilers production.



Terezinha A Silva de Almeida deserves to win the award because she has been an example to the other farms since she started in Global Gap poultry production. She really understands and follows the principles of animal welfare, biosecurity, cleaning, disinfection and others with a lot f dedication. Terezinha is a real example of hardworking woman, focused on quality and efficiency. She is represents the farmers who produce broilers in the central group of leaders of the cooperative.