GLOBALG.A.P. version 6 aims to offer a flexible and simplified certification experience which maximizes the ever-growing capabilities for digitalization in the auditing and certification processes. We’re focusing on more customized and outcome-based risk assessments.

Version 6 Revision Process – A Concise Overview

  • Two public consultation periods have taken place to review drafts of the new standard (more detail below).
  • As part of these consultation periods, we hosted a total of 120 World Consultation Tour webinars and welcomed feedback from 695 participants. The number of comments in rounds one and two totaled 2572.
  • Technical committees (whose members are elected on behalf of our stakeholders) are evaluating the input received.
  • The third draft for consultation will be published in May/June 2021.
  • This draft will also be tested for auditability/feasibility on-site (more information to come soon).