Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency Add-on

The use of certain chemicals in agriculture and their effects has attracted media attention at national and international level – so much so that consumers are becoming ever more sensitive about this topic.

In response, Coop Italia developed the Pesticide Transparency add-on which aims at evaluating and monitoring the potential use of a shortlist of agrochemicals in conjunction with a relaunch of its pesticide reduction strategy, which was originally developed in 1993. These actions are an integral part of Coop Italia's commitment to protecting the environment in which we live.

The assessment against this add-on is carried out together with the inspection/audit against the Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard for Fruit and Vegetables or an equivalent scheme in order to leverage the elements both have in common, for example the monitoring system required by IFA, and to maximize efficiency by using the GLOBALG.A.P. certification structure and platform.

The Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency add-on is required for all producers and producer groups, Italian and international, that supply Coop Italia-branded fruit and vegetables either directly or via their suppliers.

The Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency Assessment Information

  • Only certification bodies approved for Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency add-on may conduct the assessments.
  • Assessments shall be conducted annually together with the IFA Fruit and Vegetables inspection/audit.
  • The results obtained in the assessment will be uploaded to the GLOBALG.A.P. database where only Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency add-on Observers (Coop Italia and appointed primary suppliers), GLOBALG.A.P., and the certification body who conducted the assessment will be able to view them. Data access rights are specified in the add-on’s general rules specifications.

Further Information

For any further questions please contact the GLOBALG.A.P. Customer Support Team:

For any technical questions regarding the implementation of the Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency add-on, please contact:

Approved Certification Bodies for the Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency Add-on

Only certification bodies currently approved for the Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency add-on will be permitted to perform the assessment. Find an approved certification body using the table below.

Certification bodies must already be approved for IFA for Fruit and Vegetables (or an equivalent scheme) and GRASP before they can apply for authorization to carry out assessments against the Coop Italia Pesticide Transparency add-on.


Please note: The default view of the table only shows the country where the headquarters of the respective certification body is located. To see which additional certification bodies operate in your country and/or have a branch office there, please filter first by "Region", then by "Country".