Frequently Asked Questions About FCP Cert. Add-on

1. What is the Food Chain Partnership Certification Add-on (FCP Cert. Add-on)?

The FCP Cert. Add-on is a complimentary module to GLOBALG.A.P. certification which is based on sustainable agricultural practices that range from integrated pest management to residue management helping growers to increase quality and yield.

2. What are the main criteria covered by this scheme?

The FCP Cert. Add-on covers 10 main modules:

  1. FCP Agreements as the legal documents the producers must sign before obtaining the certification
  2. Optimized Treatment Program for pest monitoring and control.
  3. Application Technology such as machinery registration and calibration.
  4. Traceability and Segregation especially for Parallel Ownership and Parallel Production.
  5. Monitoring measures based on official protocols.
  6. Optimization of Irrigation Water
  7. Biodiversity plan showing measures to protect flora and fauna.
  8. Effluent Management
  9. Sampling and Maximum Residue Levels
  10. Brand License Application as the requirements to be fulfilled prior to use the FCP logo and Certification Seal.
3. What are the constituting core documents of the Food Chain Partnership Certification Add-on?

General Rules Specifications including annexes the CPCC/Checklist and Brand Usage Guidelines constitute the documents package of the FCP Certification Add-on.

4. What are the benefits of a FCP Cert. Add-on?

For all farmers that are already food chain partners, the FCP Cert. Add-on may offer multiple benefits, such as strengthening the positioning, brand value and along with increasing recognition and preference by retailers.

5. Application options: I didn’t sign a FCP Agreement with Bayer AG, can I apply for the certification?

Before applying you must be in possession of an updated and signed contract for your farm (legal entity).  The FCP Agreement must give written evidence on covering all clauses in accordance with the standardized FCP Agreement Template.

6. Application options: Are there further preconditions to apply for certification?

The preconditions required are a valid FCP Agreement, Food Chain Manager approval for entering the FCP Cert. Add-on, total acreage of specific crop from the FCP Agreement to be “certified” and a valid GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Version 5.0 certificate for F&V.

7. Control Points/Compliance Criteria: Do I have to comply with 100% of the CPCC?

To obtain this certification you will have to comply with 75 % of the total no. of CPCC (100% of the major musts).

8. The auditor detected non-conformance with several CPCC on my farm. Does this automatically mean I do not get the certificate?

No, you have 28 days to solve the issue. If you manage to clear it out you can still obtain the certification. If you fail to clear it out you will not be able to get the certificate in case of the first assessment or you will lose it in case of a subsequent assessment.

9. What will I receive after the successful implementation of all compliance criteria detailed on the FCP Cert. Add-on?

Besides the FCP Add-on Certificate and the introduction of the data into the GLOBALG.A.P. database, producers get the right to use the FCP Logo and FCP Add-on Certification Seal as an added value to its B2B communication, after showing compliance with the Brand Usage Guidelines.