GRASP National Interpretation Guidelines

Harmonizing Good Social Practice Worldwide

Legal requirements regarding the control points differ from country to country (e.g. minimum wage, age of legal employment, working hours etc.). Where the requirements are stricter, local legislation overwrites GRASP. Where there is no legislation (or legislation is not so strict), GRASP provides the minimum compliance criteria for a good social management system.

GRASP National Interpretation Guidelines (GRASP NIG)

To make these requirements transparent to producers, auditors and inspectors, local multi-stakeholder groups develop GRASP National Interpretation Guidelines (GRASP NIG). GRASP can be assessed in every country – also where a GLOBALG.A.P. National Interpretation Guideline does not exist.

Application for assessments in no-NIG countries

If a country has no GRASP NIG and if there is no other stakeholder group working on it, the Certification Body can hand in a project plan for the development of an interpretation to the Secretariat. This plan would also include evidence of the qualification of the auditors and inspectors, who conduct the assessments in a country without a National Interpretation Guideline (see pt. 4.4.3, 6.2.2 and the Annex I. in the GRASP General Rules V 1.3-1-i). Certification Bodies can find the application form here.

If you are interested in a GRASP Assessment, please, contact your Certification Body.

If you are interested in a GRASP Assessment and there is so far no Interpretation Guideline for your country available, please contact the GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat.

Currently, GRASP National Interpretation Guidelines have been developed for numerous countries and the list is growing!

If you would like to develop a GRASP NIG, please contact