Application for conducting GRASP Assessments in countries without a GRASP national interpretation guideline

Requirements according to point 6.2.2. GRASP General Rules v1.3-1

GLOBALG.A.P. inspector requirements (options 1 and 3, multisite with or without a QMS)

GLOBALG.A.P. auditor requirements (options 2 and 4)

Please tick the requirements, if they are fulfilled and attach applicable evidences in English. You can also describe the documents or any specific scenario below.

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1. CB Masterdata

1.1 GLOBALG.A.P. GRASP Scheme manager name (responsible for the application)*
1.2 CB name or CB short*
1.3 GLOBALG.A.P. GRASP Scheme manager e-mail address (for further queries)*
1.4 Country of assessment*
1.5 GLOBALG.A.P. GRASP assessor*
1.6 External social auditor name (if applicable)
1.7 External social auditor organization/company (if applicable)

2. For GLOBALG.A.P. Assessors

2.1 Formal qualification requirement.*
2.2 Social auditing experience *
2.3. GRASP online training and exam*

3. For external social auditors and/or experts (accompanying the GLOBALG.A.P. auditor/inspector who is not qualified as required in 2)

3.1 Social auditing experience *
3.2 Experience in auditing labor issues in the country of assessment**
3.3 “Working language” skills in the corresponding native/working language**

4. Legislative reference

Provide a document with legislative reference to the GRASP requirements that are checked by the assessor during the GRASP assessment. This document shall be reviewed and approved by the IHT.
4.1 Employees´ representation*
4.2 Complaint procedure*
4.3 Self-declaration on good social practice*
4.4 Access to national labor legislation*
4.5 Working contracts*
4.6 Pay slips*
4.7 Wages*
4.8 Non-employment of minors*
4.9 Access to compulsory school education*
4.10 Time recording system*
4.11 Working hours and breaks*
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