GRASP Retailer Recommendation GRASP Retailer Recommendation

As a reference to the point 5 of the GRASP Retailer Guideline:


  • Producers often supply different markets and have to fulfill requirements of different clients.
  • A producer who follows another social standard that is accepted by retailers should not also be asked to comply with the GRASP Add-on too (this does not apply for GGN label requirements).
  • As a reference, some retailers have shared a list of accepted social programs that include GRASP criteria. For further questions and requests, please contact the retailer directly.


This list contains social programs that are considered comparable to GRASP criteria by these retailers. This decision is managed by the respective retailer. The retailer controls the inclusion or exclusion of the standards and therefore takes responsibility for the list. GLOBALG.A.P. cannot and will not be held responsible for any decision taken and works only as a depository for such information. Although the GLOBALG.A.P. Secretariat has taken all reasonable care in checking and updating the information on this website, it takes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information provided. This is especially true for all (direct or indirect) links on this topic. The information provided may be expanded, removed, or altered without any prior notice. Please contact the retailer directly for questions, comments, and requests for inclusion.