Why Get GRASP Assessed?

GRASP helps you establish a good social management system on your farm(s). It offers buyers added assurance and helps protect one of the farm’s most important resources: its people.

  1. Improve your farm’s social management system.
  2. Learn how to strengthen your workers’ rights. 
  3. Receive guidance towards compliance with local social and labor regulations through national interpretation guidelines. 
  4. Get support in creating communication channels between management and workers. 
  5. Receive information on the core International Labour Organization conventions so that management and workers can work towards a positive working environment. 
  6. Study your risk exposure and innovate in high-risk areas. 
  7. Raise your standing among suppliers and buyers through communication and transparency. 
  8. Reduce your risk of social legal non-compliances. 
  9. Increase your cost-efficiency by taking advantage of a simultaneous GRASP assessment with your GLOBALG.A.P. inspection or audit.