Crops for Processing Crops for Processing

GLOBALG.A.P. Crops for Processing (CfP) Standard

The CfP Standard covers crops that are slated to be frozen, juiced, used to make pre-cooked meals, and used for animal feed, among other types of processing. These crops will be held to the same standard as IFA crops, with the exception of two differences: the risk-based approach to food safety and the auditing rules.

Production of produce destined for processing implies different risks at the farm-level and therefore the CfP Standard approaches food safety risk assessment at the farm-level differently.

The CfP also differs in that it is a non-accredited standard. Producers shall perform either self-assessments  (Option 1) or internal inspections and QMS audits (Option 2) or receive inspections/audits by an approved Certification Body.

Self-assessments and third-party assessments will both require the completion of the Overview of Farming Operations questionnaire. This form is part of the CfP checklist and includes questions about the producer and processor responsibilities. Producers are required to give information about their processors in order to register under the new CfP Standard..