Harmonized Produce Safety Harmonized Produce Safety

GLOBALG.A.P.'s Harmonized Produce Safety Standard

GLOBALG.A.P. is pleased to present the Harmonized Produce Safety Standard (HPSS). The HPSS is designed to serve the needs of the United States fruit and vegetable producers, and those selling into the United States market. The HPSS was drafted by a diverse technical team consisting of leaders in the produce industry. The HPSS represents years of dedication and hard work by industry stakeholders and offers a food safety and farm assurance solution for the unique needs of the North American marketplace. GLOBALG.A.P. led the benchmarking of the core Harmonized Standard, and is proud to announce that our HPSS is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and accepted by many of the largest retailers in North America.

Get Involved

GLOBALG.A.P. provides many ways to offer your experience and expertise in improving the interpretation of the standard for your country or specific product. If you are interested in getting involved, please consider the following:

  1. National Technical Working Group Meetings. If you would like to join the NTWG, please contact Rebecca Anderson at northamerica-technical@globalgap.org.

  2. Feedback on your experience with or questions about the standard can be offered directly to our technical staff at the abovementioned email address.

  3. Please let the GLOBALG.A.P. North America team know about your CB’s experience auditing against this standard. GLOBALG.A.P. is committed to auditor calibration and maintaining a standard that is strong and responsive to the industry’s needs. We collaborate with United Fresh, the USDA, and other key stakeholders to continuously improve the implementation of this standard.