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In collaboration with the trade association Hop Growers of America (HGA), buyers, processors, and brewer customers around the world, GLOBALG.A.P. delivers a standard to specifically address the unique farm-level needs of hop growers.

The IFA standard for hops covers responsible farming practices at all stages of production, including traceability, workers’ health, safety, and welfare, propagation material, soil management, preharvest evaluation, and harvest and postharvest activities tailored to hop production.

Producers supplying hop cones solely for the brewing of beer must comply with the criteria for the hops product category. If producers also supply the fresh produce market with hop shoots, they must additionally have certification to the IFA fruit and vegetables product category.

IFA for hops at a glance

  • Audited annually by accredited and independent third-party certification bodies, resulting in a certificate valid for one year
  • Fulfills international supply chain requirements, particularly regarding maximum residue limits and the harmonization of sanitary/phytosanitary standards, and is accepted by local and global markets, suppliers, and retailers
  • Reduces exposure to food safety and product safety reputational risks, including food safety practices specific to hops production such as dry cleaning and a focus on physical contamination
  • Supports farm efficiency through fertilizer, pesticide, and water management strategies and record-keeping
  • Enhances long-term sustainability through integrated pest management prerequisites
  • Implements a targeted approach to workers’ health, safety, and welfare through requirements on equipment and machinery, dryers, noise, temperature, and operating hours
  • Drives quality performance and consistency through finished product specifications
  • Designed by the industry, for the industry – with a continued effort to collaborate on hops industry resources, such as HGA’s Good Bines Platform
  • Supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


IFA for hops is currently available in two versions.  Click here to learn about the transition from version 5 to version 6.

How it works

For more details about how the IFA standard works in practice, please see our  IFA homepage.

Your IFA documents

For IFA v6, you can  generate your required documents here.

For other IFA versions, you can find all the required documents in the  GLOBALG.A.P. document center .


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