Plant Propagation Material Plant Propagation Material

Plant Propagation Material - Best Practices for Nurseries (PPM)

Many producers of fruit and vegetables (F&V) and/or flowers and ornamentals (FO) also grow and sell propagation materials for F&V and FO, therefore GLOBALG.A.P. incorporated Plant Propagation Material - Best Practices for Nurseries (PPM) as a sub-scope into the IFA Standard.

Implementation for PPM Certification includes compliance with modules All Farm Base (AF), Crops Base (CB) and Plant Propagation Material (PPM).

The PPM Standard covers: Site and Soil Management, Substrates, Propagation, Propagation Facilities, Workers’ Health, Safety and Welfare as well as Trading Terms and Conditions.

A Guide to Our Documents

  • The GLOBALG.A.P. Checklist is the document you need to complete your self-assessment.
  • The Control Points and Compliance Criteria (CPCC) document lists everything the standard you are applying for covers, and gives you addtional guidelines to fulfill the requirements.
  • The General Regulations document defines how the certification process works and lists the requirements for quality management systems and related issues.
  • The National Interpretation Guideline (NIG) clarifies how the CPCC have been adapted in a specific country. Please check if there is a NIG for your country. If yes, you are required to use it.