Getting Started with the GGN Label

Before you apply to the GGN label initiative, you must check that your product fulfils the requirements for the GGN label.

Find the requirements here
GGN label licenses
The entity which legally owns (or has bindingly ordered) the product at the time the GGN label visual elements are applied to the product packaging requires a GGN label license. This entity is called the licensee.

Who is the licensee?  
The licensee could be a producer, trader, processor or packer, or a retailer or restaurant chain operator selling loose products to consumers (e.g., loose apples or fresh fish).  

First steps

  • If you are not the potential licensee, identify who is and encourage them to apply for the license. 
  • If you are a potential licensee, create an account on the GGN label portal ( to begin your application.  

For more information, please see the GGN label brochures found under “Download” on the right, or contact us at

Not GLOBALG.A.P. certified but certified against a GLOBALG.A.P. equivalent benchmarked scheme? You can still join the GGN label initiative!

Click here for floriculture benchmarked schemes


Click here for fruit and vegetables benchmarked schemes




The term “certified product” refers to products originating from farms with GLOBALG.A.P. certified production processes or a benchmarked equivalent.