GGN Label for Products of Benchmarked Schemes – Floriculture

Floriculture products certified against a GLOBALG.A.P. equivalent benchmarked scheme are also eligible for the GGN label. 

You may opt into the GGN label initiative directly, without the need to contact your scheme owner.

The following schemes are currently accepted as equivalent benchmarked schemes:

How to opt in as a producer with a benchmarked scheme:

  1. Ensure your benchmarked equivalent certificate is valid and up to date and that you have a GRASP assessment demonstrating full compliance. 
  2. Sign a GGN label system participant agreement with GLOBALG.A.P. by creating an account on and completing the “Application Module”. (The GGN label system participant agreement confirms your level of certification and your agreement to the GGN label system participation fee. The contract remains valid for as long as your farm assurance certification is valid and for as long as your certification scheme maintains the status of benchmarked equivalent.) 
  3. Pay the GGN label system participation fee. See below for a breakdown of this fee. 
  4. Set up your profile on the GGN label portal
  5. Inform your buyers they can apply for a GGN label license.

Alternatively, if you wish to apply the GGN label to your products yourself, you must also obtain a GGN label license. You can also complete this application process in your account on the GGN label portal.



GGN label brochure for agriculture (fruit and veg)
GGN label brochure for aquaculture
GGN label brochure for floriculture


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The term “certified product” refers to products originating from farms with GLOBALG.A.P. certified production processes or a benchmarked equivalent.

GGN label system participation fee for benchmarked equivalent producers:

The GGN label system participation fee is invoiced annually according to the applicant’s certification cycle and comprises the following elements:

  1. Base fee (scope-specific): GLOBALG.A.P. producer registration fee as applicable for the IFA scope, calculated based on production area (see the tables below for exact figures)
  2. Administration fee: An additional 20% of the base fee
  3. Deduction of benchmarking fee: The System Participant pays a flat fee directly to the certification body or scheme owner for the equivalent benchmarking. This fee is then deducted from the invoice total for the GGN label system participation fee from GLOBALG.A.P.
    Only producers with a base fee of more than €90 (covered + non-covered production) will be invoiced for the use of the GGN label.

Example of a participation fee breakdown:
Producer X is certified for 25 hectares of non-covered production.
His producer registration fee is therefore €300.
The administration fee is €60.
He pays €100 to the certification body for B2B benchmarking.

The total fee is therefore €300 + €60 - €100 = €260.