Why Choose the GGN Label?

The GGN label helps you show your commitment to responsible farming.
Here are five ways in which the GGN label can boost your business:

  1. Transparency that fosters trust in your brand
    More and more consumers are asking where their products come from and how they are made. We help you answer these questions by connecting the consumer and the farm (or businesses in the supply chain) via the GGN label portal.Transparency on this topic encourages trust among your customers.

  2. Simple, cost-effective consumer labeling
    One universal logo identifies certified and responsibly farmed products* across three categories. Compared to other labels, the GGN label is a cost-effective solution that still delivers integrity for your brand.

  3. Visibility for your commitment to responsible farming
    The GGN label initiative helps you to promote your commitment to responsible farming through increased visibility
    The GGN label communication toolkit delivers inspiration for farmer-centric promotions; producers are equipped with ready-made marketing materials; and your profile is displayed on the GGN label portal.

  4. Huge range of companies worldwide to source from
    Thanks to the global reach of GLOBALG.A.P. standards, you add integrity to your sourcing policy without limiting your options.

  5. Distinguish your product from others in a crowded market
    Make your product stand out with a recognizable logo and participate in a transparent system which promotes responsible farming!

For more detailed information, please see the GGN label brochures found under “Download” on the right.

Click here to learn about the requirements for products carrying the GGN label