27.03. 02 pm – 04 pm (CET): Module 1 – Compound Feed Manufacturer

28.03. 02 pm – 04 pm (CET): Module 2 – Farm/Producer (Aquaculture/Livestock)

29.03. 02 pm – 04 pm (CET): Module 3 – Processing Facility (Chain of Custody)

Who should participate:

Mandatory for certification bodies to acquire the qualification fort he assessment of the NON-GM/Ohne Gentechnik Add-on for the scope of Aquaculture, Livestock, Compound Feed Manufacturing and/or Chain of Custody.


Participants need to be active for GLOBALG.A.P. approved Certification Bodies accredited for Compound Feed Manufacturing for module 1, for Aquaculture or Livestock for module 2, for Chain of Custody for module 3. Furthermore the Certification Body should sumbit a Letter of Intent fort he NON-GM/Ohne Gentechnik Add-on until March 4th to Ute Terheggen.


EUR 125,- per module (incl. online exam)

Each module to be attended has to be registered for separately.


Each webinar will be followed by an online exam, which has to be taken within 12 hours after the webinar.


Registration will be open until 20. March 2019.

You can register online here.

If you have any questions please contact Lisa Hausen.