Christmas Tree Fair 2020: Meet our flowers & ornamentals experts online

Due to the current and unpredictable situation with COVID-19 all around the world, GLOBALG.A.P. will not exhibit at the Christmas Tree Fair 2020 on 3 September (postponed from 13 August) in Langesoe this year. Nevertheless, GLOBALG.A.P. doesn’t want you to miss out on this valuable exchange, and we have arranged another way to offer you the services of our trade fair booth:

Meet our booth staff virtually!

On the date of the postponed trade fair (3 September) and on one additional day (7 September), our flowers & ornamentals experts and our CEO will be available to take your questions and meet you personally – all online. Simply book an appointment slot with one of them here.

So that you can also quickly and easily search for answers to any questions you may have, we’ve linked the most important documents for you on this page or or download the documents below.

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