The agricultural interprofessional organisation is backing this certification as a driver of innovation and future for the promotion of sustainability, job security, food safety and environmental protection. 

AILIMPO has joined GLOBALG.A.P. as an associate member, thus forming part of the shared vision aiming to standardise Good Agricultural Practices (G.A.P.) around the world and specifically in the Spanish lemon and grapefruit sector. José Antonio García, director of AILIMPO, stated that “with this move we hope to raise awareness of the safe production of foodstuffs and sustainable management of resources, lending our full backing to GLOBALG.A.P. as the most widely recognized international standard for agricultural production, which has developed into a fundamental and indispensable requirement at global level that lemon and grapefruit farmers in Spain must comply with in order to be able to offer the products with the highest quality and top guarantee on the market.”

For consumers and distributors, the GLOBALG.A.P. Certification is a guarantee that the foodstuffs comply with the defined quality and safety requirements and have been produced in accordance with criteria for sustainability, taking the safety, hygiene and well-being [NL1]  of the workers as well as the environment into consideration.

GLOBALG.A.P. is an agricultural standard spanning the entire production process of the certified product from the first moment (i.e., spot checks of seeds or nursery seedlings) through all the subsequent farming measures up to the moment when the product leaves the site.

The director of AILIMPO emphasized that “we want to highlight the responsible, committed lemon growers with long-term plans and ambitions, who, by implementing this programme’s production criteria, will be in a position to produce better quality lemons at a lower cost and, essentially, to become more efficient and increase their profits at the same time.”

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Article published on 26.05.17: