ATISA, short for Acuacultura Técnica Integrada del Perú, exports fresh frozen white quality shrimp. The family-owned business has obtained GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Certification to satisfy the demands of the European seafood market.

By adhering to strict criteria covering food safety, animal welfare, workers’ welfare, environment, traceability and key sustainability aspects at all stages of production, ATISA has become a trusted partner for European seafood importers.

Sales Manager Patricia Matto says: “Although we’ve been exporting shrimps for 15 years, our contacts consisted of people who came to Peru and ordered the product when they went back home.” Now GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture Certification, “gives us access to additional customers in Northern Europe,” Patricia Matto explains.

During the Seafood Expo Global in Brussels in April 2016, GLOBALG.A.P. had the opportunity to interview Mr. Leyton, ATISA’s General Manager. Please find here the interview's transcript in Spanish and its translation into English.

Founded in 1991 as a shrimp hatchery, ATISA’s current success builds on a series of guided steps and measures that helped the Peruvian shrimp exporter expand its network and gain real access to the European market – with considerable success. ATISA optimized its production processes, hired experienced industry professionals, and rebranded its products. The company developed the COOL! brand to meet European retailing requirements and reach more customers with improved packaging and image.

Company details
ATISA - Acuacultura Técnica Integrada del Perú
GGN: 4052852830515

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Picture: GLOBALG.A.P. / Interview at Seafood Expo Global: Mr. Leyton, ATISA (right), Mr. v. Beyme, GLOBALG.A.P. (left)