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Two decades ago, FarmERP founders Sanjay Borkarand Santosh Shinde dreamed of creating a digital platform that would empower farmers and make a difference in the agricultural sector. Today they have done just that.  

FarmERP is a farm management information system platform born out of a combination of extensive experience in the fields of technology and business management. Serving agribusinesses covering 500,000 ha and 13+ submarkets across 25 countries, FarmERP has taken a further step and joined GLOBALG.A.P. as an associate member.  

Technology solutions formodern farming businesses 

FarmERP enables agribusinesses to use farm analytics to support business decisions, enhancing their productivity and profitability and optimizing resources. In a nod to the future of agricultural technology, FarmERP also integrates smart devices.  

Agribusinesses with farmland ranging from 5 to 75,000+acres have already successfully implemented FarmERP’s farm management platform.  


The four pillars of FarmERP link closely to GLOBALG.A.P.’s objective of enabling safe, sustainable agriculture worldwide.FarmERP’s four pillars are:  

1. Sustainable Agriculture – helping agribusinesses reduce their carbon footprint and bolster their productivity without degrading the environment.
2. Climate Resilience – assisting agribusinesses with intelligent climate-related insights and reducing uncertainty surrounding climate conditions.
3. Food Safety – supporting agribusinesses inproviding top-quality produce through advanced, high-tech features for quality control. 
4. Traceability – ensuring complete transparency vis-a-vis source of produce, farming practices,and packaging processes. 

“The FarmERP digital platform has been impacting the lives of farmers and consumers since 2001. Food safety, traceability,and sustainability are our focus areas. Joining GLOBALG.A.P. will definitely help us serve farmers and consumers better than ever,” says Sanjay Borkar, CEO & Co founder of FarmERP. 

Please note: FarmERP is a third-party, independent company and one of many farm management information systems available. GLOBALG.A.P. does not specify a preferred solution.

Photo credit: FarmERP
FarmERPfounders Sanjay Borkar (right) and Santosh Shinde (left)