GLOBALG.A.P. launched the first-ever GLOBALG.A.P. NTWG Award in 2014. This award honors our most active National Technical Working Group for its hard work, commitment and dedication.

The winner of the first-ever NTWG Award 2014 is:

NTWG Argentina

Fruit & Vegetables and Livestock

NTWG Argentina, hosted by IRAM, has been very active and dedicated for more than 10 years and has fulfilled the tasks set out in the Terms of Reference for NTWGs and beyond. The NTWG Argentina has organized more than 260 meetings with the participation of over 80 professionals. They have worked on solutions for growers to achieve certification in Argentina and have representatives in 3 of GLOBALG.A.P.’s Committees (Crop Protection Working Group, SHC GRASP and Certification Body Committee - Latin America). NTWG Argentina is a highly committed group of around 80 people who firmly believe in GLOBALG.A.P.’s objectives and, in particular, production quality and safety as well as social and environmental sustainability.

"To this day, we have been happy to be the first NTWG in the Americas, to be pioneers in the region, and to be the seventh NTWG worldwide. We are also very proud to be the first NTWG that receives this international award, showing  that hard work will be rewarded," said Enrique Kurincic of IRAM Argentina.

The NTWG Award 2014 was open to all established GLOBALG.A.P. NTWGs worldwide (currently 44). See a complete list on our website at

Applications were accepted from 10 NTWGs:

Argentina Fruit & Vegetables (FV), Livestock (LB)

  • Brazil FV
  • Costa Rica FV, Flowers & Ornamentals (FO)
  • Ghana FV
  • Germany FO
  • Germany FV
  • Japan FV, Combinable Crops (CC), Tea (TE)
  • The Netherlands FV
  • Pakistan FV
  • Romania FV

GLOBALG.A.P. members have set up National Technical Working Groups (NTWGs) in several countries to help adopt GLOBALG.A.P.’s universal standard on a local scale. NTWGs identify specific local adaptation and implementation challenges and develop guidelines, known as National Interpretation Guidelines (NIG), which provide guidance to certification bodies and producers on how best to implement GLOBALG.A.P. Control Points and Compliance Criteria at a national level.

You can download the full application from the NTWG Argentina here.

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