September again marks GLOBALG.A.P.’s participation at the prestigious Asia Fruit Logistica fair in Hong Kong, which took place from 4-6 September. The GLOBALG.A.P. team had the opportunity to meet with producers from many of the Southeast Asian and Oceania countries, mainly Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, India and South Korea. Asia Fruit Logistica was also well attended by supermarket chains operating in Asia, many of whom have decided to add value to their supply chain by requiring GLOBALG.A.P. certified products.

At the same time, the industry expressed growing interest in establishing localg.a.p. programs. As Flavio Alzueta, GLOBALG.A.P.’s Director of Marketing and Strategy, said during his presentation at the Business Forum, “localg.a.p. facilitates Good Agricultural Practices on small and medium sized farms. Localg.a.p. is the result of 15 years experience working with buyers and producers around the world. We are happy to see localg.a.p. making an impact on the lives of producers across the globe, while at the same time adding value to the supply chain and encouraging locally-sourced buying.”

Hong Kong remains an important gateway for imports of fresh fruit and vegetables into China, as well as serving its own population’s demand for high-quality fresh produce.

For photos of Asia Fruit Logistica, click here.