Australis Aquaculture, the world’s largest producer of barramundi, has received GLOBALG.A.P. Certification for its Vietnam farm operations. This is the Massachusetts-based company’s first major certification to an existing global standard for its Vietnam aquaculture facility.

“Achieving GLOBALG.A.P. Certification means that our entire Vietnam production chain has been thoughtfully considered and recognized for its best practices for sustainable aquaculture,” said Josh Goldman, CEO of Australis. “These practices include rigorous attention to food safety, minimizing environmental impact, compliance with animal welfare standards as well as stringent worker health and safety requirements. We found the certification process stimulating and productive for our entire organization, it challenged us to improve our game to the highest levels,” Goldman added.

Since receiving its license by the Vietnamese government in 2008, Australis has embarked on a steady growth plan that has resulted in production doubling each year. The award-winning company currently employs 100 people in Vietnam and is targeting a harvest of more than six million pounds (approx. 2,700 metric tons) in 2014.

The combination of the right species and their smart farming methodology have paid off, allowing the company’s aquaculture approach to be an efficient and delicious new part of the global food system. Barramundi has also been named a top food trend by several major organizations including The National Restaurant Association and Nation’s Chefs. According to the FAO, farmed fish for human consumption may outpace wild-caught as soon as 2015, and Australis is poised to take advantage of that opportunity.

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