Sabbir Nasir, Executive Director of Shwapno, shares his findings on his new private label for vegetables: “We do quite extensive work in the fields and display the farmers next to the products in our store with planting and harvest days, as well as last crop protectionproduct application date.”

Sabbir initiated a food safety round table under the patronage of the Daily Star, a leading newspaper in the country. Participants included representatives from the Bangladesh Food Safety Authority, the FAO representative in Bangladesh, the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry,  the local project coordinator of USAID’s Agricultural Value Chain Project, DAI, and as business representative Agriplus.

All parties agreed on the importance of collaborating and raising public awareness for the need  to improve food safety from seed to shelf in Bangladesh. Shwapno’s supply chain project with GAP assessed farmers was recognized as a showcase project.

Kristian Moeller, CEO GLOBALG.A.P., appreciated this round table and gave his commitment to support any efforts that will lead to the adoption of Good Agricultural Practices in Bangladesh’s primary production sector. This will boost consumer health in the country and create new export opportunities for Bangladesh’s high farming agriculture sector.

Learn more about Shwapno’s farmer project and watch an interview with Kristian Moeller, CEO of GLOBALG.A.P. here.

Photo: Sabbir Nasir, Executive Director of Shwapno (left), Kristian Moeller, CEO GLOBALG.A.P. (right)