A study tour to Germany was organized for ten Bangladeshi business representatives in February 2018. The purpose was to gain insights into the potential of exporting from Bangladesh, meeting certified farmers, visiting their facilities, and facilitating the linkage between Bangladeshi firms and potential buyers.

The visit to Berlin gave the participants insights into how Bangladeshi firms can participate in the global market through collaborative business strategies. GLOBALG.A.P. certification proved to be a vital factor to open new avenues for suppliers, traders, and farmers in Bangladesh. As Mohammad Soeb Iftekhar, Deputy Team Leader – Market Systems Team noted: “This is a green dream of a new era of food safety and delivering quality produce from one farmer to customers all over the world.”   

The trip ended with the formation of a close network of fellow business professionals, who are now planning to hold meetings and form an informal association to further the relationships and develop the industry in Bangladesh. This tour was made possible with the help of GLOBALG.A.P., DCCI, and USAID.