The newest GLOBALG.A.P. Community Member, Belgium-based Van Dijk Foods, is a produce importer and distributor. The company is part of the greater Achiel De Witte Group, which is also based in Belgium. The Achiel De Witte Group comprises approximately 30 individual branches, allowing it to provide highly efficient and agile import, export, wholesale, food service, packing, transport, and other logistical services in the fresh produce sector.

Each of the branches that have been acquired by the Achiel De Witte Group, including Van Dijk Foods, retains a high level of autonomy to continue doing what they do best. Managers and employees of the group’s subsidiary companies have a lot of freedom to put their niche expertise into practice and can make fast decisions without involving too much higher-level bureaucracy.

Passion for produce

Passion for produce and respect for industry stakeholders have led the Achiel De Witte Group to an enviable position in the market. The corporation saw revenues of €300 million in 2022 and employed over 650 people across their more than 30 distinct branches. Access to 80 different import origin countries ensures that the group provides the best produce possible to their European customers.

“Bringing together individual strengths and qualities – both within our companies and with our producers – contributes to more know-how, enhanced quality, and more commitment towards sustainability,” explains Quality Manager Koen De Roy. “That is our power of collaboration.”

Community membership brings growth through collaboration

As the latest GLOBALG.A.P. Community Member, Van Dijk Foods will bring their years of accumulated understanding of the European produce market to the table as we continue to craft relevant farm assurance tools for the food industry. As a mutual benefit, Van Dijk Foods will likewise gain access to our expert insights and the cumulative knowledge of our other community members in the fields of food safety, sustainability, and social responsibility.

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