Commonly referred to as the queen of tropical fruit, the mangosteen has left quite an impression across the globe. 

Rich dark-purple skin and creamy white wedge-like segments inside make the royal highness a sight to behold. Believed to have originated in Southeast Asia, the perennial tree needs continuous warm temperatures and well-watered soil in order to thrive. It takes up to ten years before the tree starts bearing any fruit.  
However, once mature, there is, according to many mangosteen connoisseurs, no taste as delicate, delightful, fresh, and sweet as the one of the queen of fruit.  
Curiously, few are able to give a precise description of the unique flavor and can only note the subtle deliciousness and their enjoyment of this special fruit.  
Attempts to explain the taste are extremely multifaceted and descriptions such as “a mixture of mango, strawberry, peaches, and lychees” can be heard among mangosteen-lovers. But the most common comparison of all is probably: “It tastes like heaven.”

Some of you may remember the stinky durian being called the king of fruit. Reflecting the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang, in many Asian countries the Durian is considered to have a heating effect and the mangosteen a cooling effect. A healthy diet includes a good balance between these two effects and consequently between these fruits. As a result of this belief, the “Royal Couple” is commonly placed next to each other as well as consumed together. Beyond these long-held Chinese beliefs, the mangosteen offers great health benefits with its antioxidants and vitamins. 

Lastly, there is a legend surrounding the mangosteen and how it obtained the name “Queen.” Supposedly, in the 1890s, Victoria, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, heard about the mysterious purple fruit everyone was raving about in the British Colonies. Unsurprisingly, her interest in the exotic fruit grew and she offered, so the story goes, to award a knighthood to anyone who could successfully bring her the fruit. Sadly, her wish was not fulfilled and the validity of the offer remains uncertain.  
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