The ChileG.A.P. scheme is now officially recognized as equivalent to the GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Standard Version 4 for Fruit & Vegetables under the category Approved Modified Checklist.

ChileG.A.P. is the first ever national certification scheme to be benchmarked against EurepGAP, later GLOBALG.A.P., and the current upgrade to GLOBALG.A.P. V4 continues its longstanding commitment to Good Agricultural Practice.

ChileG.A.P. is a certification program that harmonizes the requirements of major international markets so that producers and exporters can implement Good Agricultural Practice on their farms both effectively and efficiently. This voluntary program is designed to ensure safe food handling, environmental protection and workers' and consumers' health, safety and welfare. It also takes into account the food safety standards set by other countries where Chilean products are exported. As a result, ChileG.A.P. ensures that producers follow good manufacturing practices, which includes traceability as well as standard sanitation and operational procedures, and that packing houses follow HACCP procedures.

Developed under a mandate from the Fruit Exporters Association of Chile AG (ASOEX) and implemented by the Foundation for Fruit Development (FDF), the ChileG.A.P. scheme aims to resolve the problems arising from the need for multiple certifications. ChileG.A.P. has been a dedicated member of the Technical Committee Crops right from the very start and has been an active supporter of GLOBALG.A.P. for many years.

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