CaucaHass S.A.T., the largest group of Hass avocado producers to become GLOBALG.A.P. certified in Colombia, achieved GLOBALG.A.P. Certification with the help of Corporación Colombia International (CCI). This will enable the producers to sell their products in European and international markets.

CCI promotes Colombian agricultural development by supporting integrated rural development that improves the income of the value chain in agriculture and national agribusiness, thus helping growers better respond to market needs.

CCI president Adriana Senior said the certifications for CaucaHass S.A.T. were a “dream come true”. She added the project was the result of nine years of work in the making, supporting “indigenous people and farmers in a very vulnerable zone”.

“A lot of them used to plant illicit crops and we came to tell them about a product with a lot of potential and that the international market was demanding more of the Hass avocado,” she said, adding it was likely the group could expand in future to include 100 producers, while CCI was working with 420 small producers in total in the southern Cauca Valley.

Virtually unknown up until 2007, Hass avocado production now covers an area of 720 hectares shared between 22 grower associations who have formed CaucaHass, which is a second-tier organization that allows the growers to export directly. By October 2016, the main harvest is expected to yield 420 [metric] tons.

CaucaHass president of the board Armando Álvarez Rodríguez said CCI had been a real help and was responsible for the development experienced by farmers in the region. Despite the challenges of making the changes necessary to upgrade the growers’ good agricultural practices, he expects the exports will triple the group’s economic benefits, which in turn will incentivize and motivate growers to produce fruit of a better quality.

“In CaucaHass S.A.T. we support those producers who today don’t have the capital to improve their productivity, as our principles are solidarity and association, and we fervently believe that the more growers believe in this project the more benefits there will be for everyone,” Rodríguez added.

CCI is organizing a GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR Stop in Armenia in the region of Quindio, Colombia on 29-30 August. The two-day conference, taking place at the Convention Center Armenia Quindío, will gather experts from all over the world. The program includes presentations from international speakers on the latest developments in agriculture and certification, the future of markets, and reports from local producers. To register for the TOUR Stop, click here.

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