The Colombian standard Florverde Sustainable Flowers (FSF) has successfully finalized the re-benchmarking against GLOBALG.A.P. IFA Standard Version 5 and is now recognized as a resembling scheme for the sub-scope Flowers & Ornamentals (FO).

The history of the FSF Standard began in 1996 when the Association of Colombian Flower Exporters (Asocolflores) created a code of conduct for the flower sector, which led to the creation of the first standards in 2002. 

Florverde Sustainable Flowers is an independent social and environmental standard which aims to ensure that flowers certified under this scheme have been responsibly produced. The standard covers a wide range of issues including working conditions, occupational health, environmental best practices, protection of biodiversity, product traceability, and post-harvest treatment.

For more information have a look at the Florverde website.