”Improving Everyday Life” is our motto not only for our customers and for our 53,000 employees across several countries, but also something that is deeply embedded in relationships with our business partners along our globally arching supply chains. We both recognize and embrace the responsibility we have in making a positive and sustainable impact in society. We could therefore not be more excited to have joined the GLOBALG.A.P. family as it allows us to become more involved with and contribute to creating positive change also in our agricultural supply chains.

Who is Salling Group?

Salling Group is Denmark’s largest supermarket chain with hyper- and supermarket stores, discount stores in Denmark and abroad, as well as the provider of domestic and international franchises like Starbucks, Carl’s Jr., meal- and flower subscriptions, and an online e-commerce platform, Wupti, which other retailers can join too. The Salling Group has acquired the rights to the toy chain BR in Denmark. In all, the company operates more than 1,500 stores in several countries. Since our humble beginnings more than 100 years ago by our founder Ferdinand Salling, who opened a small draper shop in Aarhus, the company has come a long way and is today much more than merely a supermarket chain. The company became 100% self-owned in late 2017 and to reflect this, the growth of its service portfolio and focus on overall societal impact, in June 2018 changed its name from Dansk Supermarked to Salling Group.

Why we joined GLOBALG.A.P.

As a retailer with diverse product groups and a wide range of complex supply chains, we truly appreciate the applicability, coverage of product groups and important topics like traceability, food safety, best practices, social compliance, labelling, etc. that the GLOBALG.A.P. programs offer while at the same time providing high quality and integrity of those programs. As standard setters, we believe we have an important responsibility and role to play in ensuring a smooth and unified application of good agricultural practice principles across our supply chains. We truly believe this is best done through close cooperation with the GLOBALG.A.P. organization and its various stakeholders and we look forward to growing our sustainability and product integrity programs together with GLOBALG.A.P.


Photo courtesy by Salling Group