The Dutch flowers and ornamentals standard MPS-GAP has successfully passed the GLOBALG.A.P. re-benchmarking and has been recognized as an equivalent scheme. Additionally to the sub-scope Flowers & Ornamentals, MPS was benchmarked against the GLOBALG.A.P. sub-scope Plant Propagation Material for the first time.

MPS started in 1993 as a local environmental project, obtained national coverage in the Netherlands in 1995 and has grown to become an international organization operating worldwide. Different working parties, consisting amongst others of growers and researchers, laid together the basis for the current MPS system. MPS-GAP was introduced especially for producers supplying retailers with flowers and ornamentals. Certification of producer groups is not possible. MPS-GAP consists of a series of requirements on safety, environment, sustainability and traceability.
You will find more information on MPS and MPS-GAP on the MPS website under the following link: